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Whether your ideas are for shiny and new systems that need to be willed into existence, or if
they are older systems that need love, look no further.

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Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Pass Thru Beer Tower | Tee 4''

Sale price From $1,674.23 CAD

Why rent from us?

All parts are stainless steel, professionally cleaned and sanitized. Everything you need (except the beer!) is included in the price.

Seasonal rush? Long-term rentals are available.

Love it? Buy it! All our rental equipment is available for purchase, new or right out of the rental program.

Rental prices:

All rentals come with Co2 and a keg bin.


You don’t have to own a bar or brewery to enjoy your own tap or draft line at home.  We can help with that so that you can pour yourself a nice pint and get back to your front row seats to the game, aka your couch.

All jokes aside, if you have any desire or ideas for a home project, be sure to give us a call so we can help turn that dream into a reality.


If you are looking for beverage and liquor dispensing for your next event, party, or just any occasion.
We rentals available such as single tap – 4 tap dispensing units, kegerators, and party pumps.


Draft beer system cleaning

Changing out jumper lines

Glycol condensers get cleaned

Installations of nitro coffee/kombucha systems wine on tap

Inventory control equipment

Repairs to damaged parts

Beer Line Cleaning (Washer replacement, Fob cleaning, Faucet disassemble Glycol system inspection)

5ibs co2 swaps

same day pick ups, no waiting for fill

Service calls and troubleshooting

Installations of draft beer systems

Installations of liquor gun systems

Glycol Power pack inspections

Dispensing Business

Support Local, Supporting Local
Since 2006, when we got our first big break, we never stopped looking at how we can give back and keep promoting other locals the way they supported us.
Keep an eye on our social media, as we run a lot of local prize giveaways to our preferred peeps. We support our own network by buying prizing, product, and GCs to giveaway because they are kind of awesome. You should see it for yourself, and support them too. Calgary, we stand together!

Dispensing Business

Established since 2006, Beer Worx is a local liquor dispensing company based in Calgary, Alberta.  With a large and active roster of accounts and their taps, Beer Worx is in the dispensing business of such options as wine, cold brew, cocktails, and of course, BEER!


If you are interested in what we do, get in touch with our personable team today. We offer same-day services with 24-hour support, seven days a week!