Top-Quality Liquor and Beer Dispensing Services

Services We Offer:

Full installations, running trunk lines, installing walk-in cooler hardware, installing beer towers

  • Draft beer system cleaning
  • Repairs to damaged parts
  • Installations of draft beer systems
  • Installations of liquor gun systems
  • Installations of nitro coffee/kombucha systems wine on tap
  • Service calls for repairs
  • Gas blenders
  • Inventory control equipment
  • Glycol condensers get cleaned
  • Changing out jumper lines
  • Beer Line Cleaning (Washer replacement, Fob cleaning, Faucet disassemble Glycol system inspection)


Kegerators from consumer-grade to commercial-grade, we have you covered with the best quality fridges.
DIY kegerators parts available
We can help you come up with a kegerator set up for your home bar or man cave

Join our CO2 swap program. Buy any certified CO2 cylinder from Beer Worx (included with our kegerator packages) and simply swap it for a full one. No more waiting for fill days.


Why rent from us?

All parts are stainless steel, professionally cleaned and sanitized. Everything you need (except the beer!) is included in the price.

Seasonal rush? Long-term rentals are available.

Love it? Buy it! All our rental equipment is available for purchase, new or right out of the rental program.

Rental prices:

Party pump $35 per week, deposit $100
Single tap jockey box $80, deposit $300
Double tap jockey box rental $100, deposit $400
Four tap jockey box $150, deposit $500
Kegerator Midea weekly rental $100, deposit $500
KegMaster E weekly rental $130, deposit $750
KegMaster E Monthly Rental $225, Deposit $750

All rentals come with Co2 and a keg bin.

All rentals are certified clean and sanitary for use